More Sketchlings

Happy St. Patrick's Day

4 and 20 Blackbirds...and a chandelier.

This was me trying to be Judy Coats Perez drawing bugs. I have a looooooong way to go but it was fun. I'm starting to see the limitation of a solid black pen (meaning no variations in light)

This started as just the tree that I was going to put a falcon in; decided that bird drawings should be 'up close' like the owl to get the intricacies of the feathers; this one would have been too small with my limited penmanship would have lost much of the coloration. I struggle with keeping things light. Ended up attempting a background that proved much harder that if I would have just done the dang bird! Oh well. My book, my learning.

I am working on several fabric projects right now. One of which is a canvas journal book and some of these sketches may find their way into it some how. Judy did some amazing drawing on organza! I must try this. See her blog here: She is definately one of my fiber artist heroines!

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