Thankful Thursday Indeed!

Imagine my surprise when the UPS man delivered a good sized box to me this evening. I was frightened thinking 'Oh Lord, what did she buy and NOT tell me?'. Well, after seeing the return address I was relieved. But I MUST say my GOODNESS how thrilled I was to open this box & find so much batting!!! WH00T!

Now I know what you're thinking "What? Batting scraps? Has Stacy finally lost it?" Well, no. I was talking to my dear friend Lynn Douglass about my CatNipQuilts and how I was using my batting scraps but was starting to run low. So she just packed up a box & sent them to me! Isn't she the bomb? And can I tell you as I kept pulling wad after wad of (carefully folded I might add) batting out, in the bottom there was a breath taking SURPRISE!!! As if the batting wasn't enough!
Such a cute card AND some to die for new fabric!!! I am truly spoiled Lynn. Thank you so much but you are still on for a girls night, homemade tacos & some margaritas! Don't think I've forgotten!

Oh I'm so inspired; aren't they just yummy!


  1. That box looks like it exploded! LOL! I'm glad you liked the fabrics! You do so much for others, you deserve to be suprised and spoiled! Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Hey! Thanks for coming by our blog today. Stella looks like our kind of girlcat.

    So you are a quilter? (amoung other things?) Our human Mom's Mom is a quilter and is quite good. She does all her quilts by hand. She makes really wonderful quilts. (award winning even)

    Nice to meet you. We want to follow your blogs, just trying to figure out which one to follow.



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