You can paint with that?

Just dropping in for a second *sshhhhh* I'm at work & posting this...
If you love awe inspiring illustration; incorportated with gorgeous words; wanna see something?

Check out Illustrator Jackie Morris' site today & see what she's painting with... *feathers! YA, no kidding!!!*


Amazing. I am lucky & have a few of her books; her work leaves me breathless & inspired (and many times my eyes leaking) in a way I can't quite articulate. You'll see. If you've a mind too check out her other blog about her ginger cats; written in their voices.


I'll stop gushing & let you go.


  1. OMG - does it surprise you that my jaw has dropped at that beautiful dragon pic?

  2. Sal you should see the whole book. I'm drooling over it and guess what???? Her inscription has dedicated the book to who??? Terry Pratchett! How COOL is THAT?

  3. She paints some wonderful things. And I like her cat blog (of course).


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