Long Beach Festival 2010

This year at Long Beach International Quilt Festival I had SO MUCH FUN!!! I was only there one day (9:30am to 10:30pm) but I can tell you it was a total blast! Karey Bresenhan & her crew (Amanda, Carmen, Trix, et.al.) are the most professional, courteous, amazing bunch of women! I always feel so humble when I walk through the front doors and see how professionally all the exhibits are presented. From the first one (West Coast Wonders) to the last; the show is hung beautifully! The colors and quilts were wonderful!

Since this is my blog; I'm showing mine first! Here is the exhibit for Quilts on the Wall (the group I was President of for two years) entitled 'Journey's'
My quilt was called 'Journey thru Time'
It is the magnification of the inside of a stopwatch.

I had a blast putting this together with the bright colors and I love wheels and cogs. This quilt was fun to free motion quilt with my favorite 'Random Baptist Fan' motif. You can click the photo to enlarge it.

I'm excited to say I am not done with wheels and the quilt I'm working on now is total steampunk !

This piece was across from our exhibit and was a round robin (if you can believe that). I fell in love with the colors, design and flow of this work. I can't remember the title but it had the word ketchup in it!

You may recogonize this bevy of beauties! From left to right;
Patricia (Pokey) Bolton; Jane (Love that Smile) LaFazio; Jamie (Mega Metal Mama) Fingal and Leslie (The Effervescent) Tucker Jenison

Here is a shot of some fo the Quilts on the Wall crew!

From Left to right: Mark Stone, Linda Stone, Felisa Lyons, Mary Tabar & Julie Schlueter

Carol Nilsen shares her 'Flight' Quilt.
That orange is simply stunning!

I got wrangled into a Make It University by my friend Peggy Calvert
Jamie Fingal & Leslie Tucker Jenison were the teachers of this fun project making flags!
With five spaces to work with I chose my word for the year 'Begin' and created this fun project. Even though I H.A.T.E. to paint or dye for the mess, this was rather fun! I'm standing way in the back (the best place to heckle the teachers) :)

At the Quilt Art/SAQA reception the Grande Dame of Quilts herself pays our table a visit. Don't you just LOVE that teal velvet jacket!!! To die for! She was truly stunning.

She came to our table and asked 'Who does this gorgeous red hair belong to' as she put her hand on my shoulder; I nearly died! So I was feeling all gutsy and asked for a picture together. She was unfailingly kind and said yes. *note to self; have someone else take the picture so the camera isn't so close to your chubby face!'*

Here is jo Griffith with her quilt 'Sweet Charity' I really love this piece and it's incorporation of tradition shapes with the art quilt, surface design techniques too! jo does amazing work always! And she's got a terrific smile!

Our esteemed President Dave Charity and his lovely wife Trish Charity. They are a 'quilting couple' and were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!

Here I am with one of; what I call my 'soul sisters' Bonnie McCaffrey! From the minute we met last year at festival we just hit it off! Seeing her this year was wonderful and I can't thank her enough for her generosity of spirit and hilarious sense of humor! Bonnie you ROCK! *you can see here I got better at holding the camera waaay away from my face*

Now this group of stunners is from left to right:

Sandra Hankins; Diana Bracy (from Las Vegas) and Cynthia Catlin

Sandra is holding the book that all three of them have works published in! Way to GO Ladies!

Here is Cindy Cooksey and Jane LaFazio! We loved her antler scarf! Jane is a complete riot and I was so lucky to sit next to her at dinner though it did make taking drinks a bit difficult as her timing of punch lines is impeccable! She must be a gas to have as a teacher!

I stole this picture from Jamie Fingal's blog. Me & Cindy! Love her jacket!

And because we have to have some silly time; here's Peggy Calvert & me. Apparently I was doing a Mick Jagger impression.

There were tons of quilt exhibits but I really focused more on people this year. I can't hardly wait for next year!

Piece Out!


  1. It shows that you had a great time!! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos. Your quilt is beautiful! Love those vibrant colors!

  2. Great pictures that tell a story of friendship, quilts and fun. Thanks for sharing. Love that last picture of you and Peggy.

  3. Originales trabajos, algun dia nosotras tambien lo conseguiremos.
    Un beso.

  4. Woot woot! Big fun in Long Beach! Looking at all your photos made me smile some more!


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