A Whimsical Commissioned piece

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A friend asked me to interpret her poem in an art quilt that will be given to her niece who is 4.  This is the final interpretation.

I don't do whimsical well; it is always a stretch for me but I liked being able to use my regular and felt buttons in combination.  I was happy to use my own calligraphy in such a fun, lighthearted way. 

 The colors of the work make me want to eat it.  Border fabric was a gift scrap from my friend Peggy.  I love whimsical material; I just have no clue how to use it! LOL

Finished size is 26 1/2 L x 14 1/2 W.
I have one more commissioned piece I need to start now; so I'm off to sew!! 
Can't wait to see everyone at Long Beach!!! It's next WEEK! WHOOT!!!


  1. Well done Stacy, your calligraphy is really beautiful! Lucky little girl!

  2. I am so envious of your writing skills. It's very colorful and I love how it turned out.

  3. that's awesome!

    i'm going to try and drive down next week.

  4. That's beautiful, and Jess's niece will love it, I'm sure!


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