Experiment success

I love working with weird materials
I wanted to work with PVC and  incorporate it into a quilt. 

I am working on a pair of quilts at present 20" W x 42" long
for a challenge in one of my art groups.
The theme is 'Gates'
I instantly knew I wanted to make not one but two.  They will hang side by side.  
One side has ravens the other side has doves. 
That's all I'm saying at present. 

you can see what regular black cotton looks like next to it 

Anyhow, I thought it would be cool to make one Raven out of PVC
first I had to see if I could fuse it.  
That worked well providing I didn't iron the shiny side

Then I wanted to stitch on it.  I had to use the water soluble solvy.  I carefully pinned it on and had some fun 
doing feathers. 

I then held my breath, 
rinsed all the solvy off
and voila! 

This looks so much better than I had anticipated! 
it looks like tooled leather

How cool! 
Can't wait to use it on other things now! 

Can you imagine it with rivets!
I wonder if I can get shiva paintsticks to stick to it.  Silver would make it look like metal...


  1. Oh wow! That looks flippin' cool!

  2. REALLY wonderful work of art. Great job!

  3. Love it! It's great that you're trying unconventional material. Can't wait to see the quilts in person.


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