Long Beach 2011

 Long Beach Quilt Festival has always been one of the highlights of my year.  This year is no exception! 

My piece entitled 'Lower the Bridge' was unveiled at the 'Bridges' exhibit. 
This quilt is 36" Wide by 42" Long

Here  was our group hanging committee: (me too) 
That is jo griffith on the left and Dave & Trish Charity on the right. 
Yes, that piece in the middle is all fabric.  Isn't it stunning?
Bay Bridge SF

some shots of the entire exhibit.  I didn't have my good camera that day :( 

and you can tell the lighting hadn't been completed
they were still laying carpet the day we hung.  
 This made my day. My other piece 'Children of Lir' had one wall all to itself in the 'Text on Textiles' exhibit! 

 A far away shot to show you how big the venue is!  And we were one tiny exhibit in it!

 this was not in our exhibit but I fell in love with the simplicity of design.

After working my three hour shift at our table; I walked the whole quilt floor and vendor area.  Then I wandered outside for a bit to take in some scenery.  Not a bad hangout for nice break to the day. ( I started at 8am & didn't get home till 8pm)

I received a comment from a gal on our Quilts on the Wall blog.  Her name is Jen and she is from Buttonmad.com
She thanked us for putting the alternate directions online to the venue (there was a major exit closed off the freeway) and  asked that we 'look her up' at festival leaving her booth number of 1762.  I did!  She and one of her daughters were there and her booth is just choc full of the cutest, interesting, beautifully designed, hand made buttons you've ever seen!  They traveled all the way from from South Africa!  Click the link, check them out!  She was the most gracious to stop and chat with me.  I did buy buttons;  Check these out! 

(the thread was my only purchases this year from Superior & Wonderful)

How cute are those little birds!!! 

The SAQA/Quilt Art reception was and is a fabulous end to the day.  I was happy to see many of my friends who I only 'see' on Facebook as we all live all over the place! 

I will say that when I gave my 'show and tell' I wasn't ready for how overwhelmed I would feel standing with the microphone in hand (trust me, I have no problems getting up and speaking to folks) and I was even less prepared for the incredible and humbling response I got.  I shared the two new pieces I'm working on that aren't finished yet. (the posts below this one show part of the "Hell Gate")  
  The 'Gates of Heaven and Hell' for our next exhibit entitled 'Gates' 

As an artist it is really with trepidation and much anxiety that you share your work, especially when it's a work-in-progress ('WIP') and you are in front of many of the 'creme de la creme' of the quilting world.  It was lump-in-my-throat time when the unfinished pieces were met with such amazing and gracious applause! (which I didn't really hear because I was in such a hurry to exit the stage and let others share!   

We are asked to walk the room and stop at each table to show our works and that is a nervey wonderful  feeling when you can see folks looking intently at you and waving you over to their table so they can see.  

I was asked directly right then and there by a well known curator to 'Promise I wouldn't forget her' and enter  these works for possible inclusion in her 2013 exhibit.  (truly, you should have heard myself in my head --after the screaming quieted down, thinking how could I possibly forget her! She puts on an amazing collection of works year in and year out! I was so  honored!!)

THEN, I was asked directly by a well known editor to send her photos of the pieces when they were finished! 
--more inner head screaming and then I could feel my head nodding madly--
certainly it's not a guarantee, but just to be asked sent me smiling and dribbling happily 'round the room!

After I made my 'rounds'  I was ready to humbly sit and get out of the way of other sharers.  You can imagine my embarrassment (and subsequent horror!) when a very nice lady looked at me rather directly and said 'Excuse me, I'd like to see your quilts' So I promptly turned and amidst my effuse apologies I held them up for her.  SHE was none other than Judith Baker Montano!  One of my absolute mentors and idols of hand embroidery!  I nearly died and then I sort of screamed (out loud this time) OH MY GOODNESS! and was promptly 'shusshed' but nearby tables!  LOL. 

As I drove home that night I couldn't have wiped the smile off my face or ignore the inner joy I felt just radiating out of me!  I couldn't wait to get home & share all the news and excitement with my Gurl.  

We went out to celebrate with nachos and shrimp tacos! 



  1. I can feel your joy and happiness from here and I'm not kidding.

  2. This is fantastic!
    Now I must scold...WHY did I not know that the piece you sent me was made by such a famous and talented artist? And why haven't I discovered your personal blog before now?
    I am a moron.

  3. Wowie is right! Your quilts are stunning -- and so are the other exhibitors. Amazing. Bowled-over amazing -- since this human can't even sew a button on properly.

  4. Ditto to what Katnip Lounge said! Though we don't yet have a catnip quilt. But we're working our way up to it.

  5. Oh, wow!! That was a super treat getting to meet your mentor. Gorgeous quilts! Hugs

  6. Hi Stacy, Thank you so so much for your support and for featuring our buttons on your blog. That is so kind of you! So pleased you enjoyed the show. We have just landed in NY after taking off from California at midnight! but it was so worth it. ;-)
    Your work Lower the Bridge is a work of art! wonderful...

  7. Wasn't it all fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures and reminding me once again how much fun we all had at Long Beach!

  8. Oh Wow these are all breathtaking..I love the Lower the Bridge piece...! just gorgeous..!


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