Friday, August 31, 2012

Beading and Books!

Of course when Lark Books published their 'Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry: Photographs of Beautiful Contemporary Beadwork (500 Series) ' book I had to have it.  Especially when I glanced thru some of the photos.  OMG!  SO inspirational!  I mean just look at this!

This delectible Shibori Sherbert!  I just want to eat this!  Isn't it deeevine!

I can't even imagine wearing this hand strung pearl dress covering thingy.  I mean really it belongs on the Catwalk!  Love how the design reminds me of a butterflies wing.

I LOVE THIS!  A necklace and a brooch.  Since it's 'red on black, it's a friend to jack' not the deadly Coral Snake. (which is 'red on yellow, kill a fellow')

I admit that this piece in it's quiet elegance simply took my breath away.  What a lovely, simple idea and so masterfully pulled off! 

Finally, The best (IMHO) for last, 'Shapeshifter'

 I mean truly, look at the detain in this head, and the beak!  where did they get the beak???
and the EYE!  I had no idea you could get taxidermy eyes!  I so am ordering some now.  It's one thing to say 'I have all those beads in my stash' and then look at this creation!  It's just stunning! 

And did I mention the beak???  Holy cow! 

Made me get all inspired so I went to my favorite beading instructing book.  By the incomprable Larkin Jean Van Horn.  (She has a piece in the above book too but I forgot to mark it...grrrr) 

Anyhow: I get asked alot what inspires my beading?  Where do go for instruction on stitches, etc... 

This book right here *and do yourself a favor and get the spiral bound* 

 From beginning to end; clear, concise instruction. 
 yummy color scheme no? 

 This piece so inspired me!  I totally want to make those lovely beaded buttons!

And finally how to use giant beads or Cabochon's. 

I am currently making small 8" x 8" square to put in shadowbox frames. 
This fabric was purchased last year at Long Beach Festival.  The stone was purchased  a couple months ago at my local bead shop.  I love it when things like this happen. 

I'll get better photos when it's done.  

I have two others that are in the works.  One incorporates using old 'Burning Man' tickets that I scanned in and printed out on some cotton sheets.  The colors are wonderful.  I can't show it yet as it's a for a wedding gift (in Sept) for a couple who are close to my heart. 

Hope some of these images inspired you too 
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Last Nerve

No kidding!  After finally getting up the nerve around to painting last night this is where I was this morning.  

Yuck, I know. 

 I like this soooo much  better: 

 So, I decided to scrap the color scheme and do another 

Before I could even get that far I realized somekitty had knocked over my pitcher of water I keep in the sewing room, and it was all over the sewing table and since the stack of fabrics I had there for a baby blanket I need to get to were completely soaked I wrung them out, tossed them into the dryer and thought that was it.  Oh no, it was not; the water had completely run down the length of the table, under my machine and pooled just to the right where all the currents threads de la mode were resting...  *sigh* 

After wiping all that, cursing anykitty who dare came near to me, I was finally able to iron a new piece of black, lay it out on the cutting board (covered in waste paper underneath the material) and will begin again shortly.  

I decided if I'm leaving the piece black and white then I will also be scrapping the 'humor' angle.  But not worry; the new title may be:

"My Last Nerve"

 I've some awesome black & white variegated thread that should be fun as well as possibly some red stitching, right around the body of the thing.

appropriate no?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Nucleus of Humor

The Challenge:   Magnified View 36" square.

Due date is September 8th.  Yikes!  Well, to be honest I hadn't planned on doing one since I have a couple of commissions working, the art items going out for Ms. Stella's Auction and then there's still that nine patch I'd like to actually quilt LOL.

But I got to thinking, 36" isn't that terribly big and the theme did pose some interesting ideas for me.

My first idea was to make a background looking like lined paper, then have words of something.  There would be a large magnifying glass over part of it and what it would illuminate is the words (meaning) between the lines of text.  Then I couldn't quite come up with what words right off and all I could think of was a list for a teenager from The Mom like this.
                       1.  Curfew
                           --meaning:  be safe; I love you
                       2.  Chores
                            --meaning: responsibility to others, I love you
and then my brain went blank and I took the idea to my #1 Critic and She said, "well, it will be seen my old mom's like you..."  And I instantly knew what #3 should be---but it wouldn't be printable here so.. I'm sure all you 'old mom's--and not mom's' will have a good idea of what I said next.  But I did interject after my best indignation speech; I Love You.

So back to the obvious of 'Magnified View' and thought of microscopes.  Then I mused what did the brain cells for humor look like?  I'm certain I have them (as evidenced by not hurling a shoe at my child's head for her comment), and I think after you give birth (or maybe just go thru menopause)  as your 'power lunch' synapses collapse, they are replaced by a gazillion more humor cells because seriously, you need them for the rest of your journey in this life.  

That led me to starting this:  A Brain Cell of Humor

Then I thought since it was a humor cell it really ought to be in colors.  After entertaining several schemes ranging from rainbow to psychedelic;  I have chosen a 'Pop Art' color scheme.
The 4 colors on the left, yellow, orange, teal(ish) blue, and lime green.  (not final on which three) Since it's on black I needed to paint it white first.  Here's where I am so far:
 I admit I  love it just like this, but I also can't wait to see it in colors too.  My finishing quilting will be the same colors around the nucleus area only adding smaller openwork tentacles.  And then:   I don't know what.

Any ideas are welcome!  
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Monday, August 13, 2012

An Interview with... Me!

My friend Deborah Stanley interviewed me for her online column.   She supplied me with several questions and asked that I keep the answers under 800 words.  It was a fun essay to write.  If you're interested it's here:
Come & enjoy August's Interview with Artist, Stacy Hurt. Stacy shares her journey as an Artist and Calligrapher. Wonderful work! See the complete interview on my Blog and The Patch on line newspaper. 

 And now for some eye candy: 

Three prayer flags I finished.  There is a fourth but due to some serious CatNip Quilt construction for Ms. Stella's winning bidders it's not quite finished yet.  
they measure 8" x 10"



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finished Beaderies

 Miss Fall is Finished!  I took most of these outside in bright sun; not the best but good for details.


 I wanted to hang the bottom pieces off with the metal rings but didn't want the fabric to get worn over time so I found these wee flywheels in my pickle jar that is labeled 'Time' and is full of clockwork parts
Mounting the flywheel gave me the opportunity to use those Swarovsky crystals and pull some of that green down to the bottom to further join the elements.  

 And this wee thing.  It's only 3" x 3".  It will be mounted on black and placed in a 
shadowbox and sold. 
My plan is to make several of these tiny magnified views.  

When looking at this from afar I thought the next one could be a section of a tiger face!

Currently however, working a triptych 
bird feather
speckled egg

Ms. Stella's auction is now closed and I must get busy with all my commissions. 

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