My Last Nerve

No kidding!  After finally getting up the nerve around to painting last night this is where I was this morning.  

Yuck, I know. 

 I like this soooo much  better: 

 So, I decided to scrap the color scheme and do another 

Before I could even get that far I realized somekitty had knocked over my pitcher of water I keep in the sewing room, and it was all over the sewing table and since the stack of fabrics I had there for a baby blanket I need to get to were completely soaked I wrung them out, tossed them into the dryer and thought that was it.  Oh no, it was not; the water had completely run down the length of the table, under my machine and pooled just to the right where all the currents threads de la mode were resting...  *sigh* 

After wiping all that, cursing anykitty who dare came near to me, I was finally able to iron a new piece of black, lay it out on the cutting board (covered in waste paper underneath the material) and will begin again shortly.  

I decided if I'm leaving the piece black and white then I will also be scrapping the 'humor' angle.  But not worry; the new title may be:

"My Last Nerve"

 I've some awesome black & white variegated thread that should be fun as well as possibly some red stitching, right around the body of the thing.

appropriate no?


  1. It does read rather like a horror story.

  2. Very appropriate. Some days the phrase "Cats are more trouble than they're worth" crosses my mind. But only briefly :)

    I like the no color version, anyway...

  3. Love the clever title! I'm looking forward to see how this piece progresses.

  4. Bwaaa! Haa! haa1 Me thinks red in it and calling it last Nerve - Cat From Hell is a purrfect title!


  5. The orange is good, but the black and white is so graphic! Mary Beth

  6. Me has just gived yous the Kreative Blogger Award on my site. Me LOVES your blog, and your sense of humor. If yous already has it, we has gived yous the award because we thinks yous IS KREATIVE.
    Kisses Nellie and Mommy

  7. OH I love My Last Nerve!! Purrfect. I wonder which kitty? Heeee.


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