Finished Beaderies

 Miss Fall is Finished!  I took most of these outside in bright sun; not the best but good for details.


 I wanted to hang the bottom pieces off with the metal rings but didn't want the fabric to get worn over time so I found these wee flywheels in my pickle jar that is labeled 'Time' and is full of clockwork parts
Mounting the flywheel gave me the opportunity to use those Swarovsky crystals and pull some of that green down to the bottom to further join the elements.  

 And this wee thing.  It's only 3" x 3".  It will be mounted on black and placed in a 
shadowbox and sold. 
My plan is to make several of these tiny magnified views.  

When looking at this from afar I thought the next one could be a section of a tiger face!

Currently however, working a triptych 
bird feather
speckled egg

Ms. Stella's auction is now closed and I must get busy with all my commissions. 

Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. Stunning doesn't even come close to describing how gorgeous this is! Your work never ceases to amaze and amuse me! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! The wee thing looks like a bit of Monarch wing.

  3. It's spectacular. So much incredible detail.

  4. Lushious! But I have one question, how do you stop the young ones from "helping" you and scattering beads to the 4 winds?
    Nellies Mom

  5. Awesome! The beadwork is especially amazing.


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