Beading and Books!

Of course when Lark Books published their 'Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry: Photographs of Beautiful Contemporary Beadwork (500 Series) ' book I had to have it.  Especially when I glanced thru some of the photos.  OMG!  SO inspirational!  I mean just look at this!

This delectible Shibori Sherbert!  I just want to eat this!  Isn't it deeevine!

I can't even imagine wearing this hand strung pearl dress covering thingy.  I mean really it belongs on the Catwalk!  Love how the design reminds me of a butterflies wing.

I LOVE THIS!  A necklace and a brooch.  Since it's 'red on black, it's a friend to jack' not the deadly Coral Snake. (which is 'red on yellow, kill a fellow')

I admit that this piece in it's quiet elegance simply took my breath away.  What a lovely, simple idea and so masterfully pulled off! 

Finally, The best (IMHO) for last, 'Shapeshifter'

 I mean truly, look at the detain in this head, and the beak!  where did they get the beak???
and the EYE!  I had no idea you could get taxidermy eyes!  I so am ordering some now.  It's one thing to say 'I have all those beads in my stash' and then look at this creation!  It's just stunning! 

And did I mention the beak???  Holy cow! 

Made me get all inspired so I went to my favorite beading instructing book.  By the incomprable Larkin Jean Van Horn.  (She has a piece in the above book too but I forgot to mark it...grrrr) 

Anyhow: I get asked alot what inspires my beading?  Where do go for instruction on stitches, etc... 

This book right here *and do yourself a favor and get the spiral bound* 

 From beginning to end; clear, concise instruction. 
 yummy color scheme no? 

 This piece so inspired me!  I totally want to make those lovely beaded buttons!

And finally how to use giant beads or Cabochon's. 

I am currently making small 8" x 8" square to put in shadowbox frames. 
This fabric was purchased last year at Long Beach Festival.  The stone was purchased  a couple months ago at my local bead shop.  I love it when things like this happen. 

I'll get better photos when it's done.  

I have two others that are in the works.  One incorporates using old 'Burning Man' tickets that I scanned in and printed out on some cotton sheets.  The colors are wonderful.  I can't show it yet as it's a for a wedding gift (in Sept) for a couple who are close to my heart. 

Hope some of these images inspired you too 
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Oh my God! I am soooo in love! I HAVE to get this book!
    Nellie's Mommy


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