The Nucleus of Humor

The Challenge:   Magnified View 36" square.

Due date is September 8th.  Yikes!  Well, to be honest I hadn't planned on doing one since I have a couple of commissions working, the art items going out for Ms. Stella's Auction and then there's still that nine patch I'd like to actually quilt LOL.

But I got to thinking, 36" isn't that terribly big and the theme did pose some interesting ideas for me.

My first idea was to make a background looking like lined paper, then have words of something.  There would be a large magnifying glass over part of it and what it would illuminate is the words (meaning) between the lines of text.  Then I couldn't quite come up with what words right off and all I could think of was a list for a teenager from The Mom like this.
                       1.  Curfew
                           --meaning:  be safe; I love you
                       2.  Chores
                            --meaning: responsibility to others, I love you
and then my brain went blank and I took the idea to my #1 Critic and She said, "well, it will be seen my old mom's like you..."  And I instantly knew what #3 should be---but it wouldn't be printable here so.. I'm sure all you 'old mom's--and not mom's' will have a good idea of what I said next.  But I did interject after my best indignation speech; I Love You.

So back to the obvious of 'Magnified View' and thought of microscopes.  Then I mused what did the brain cells for humor look like?  I'm certain I have them (as evidenced by not hurling a shoe at my child's head for her comment), and I think after you give birth (or maybe just go thru menopause)  as your 'power lunch' synapses collapse, they are replaced by a gazillion more humor cells because seriously, you need them for the rest of your journey in this life.  

That led me to starting this:  A Brain Cell of Humor

Then I thought since it was a humor cell it really ought to be in colors.  After entertaining several schemes ranging from rainbow to psychedelic;  I have chosen a 'Pop Art' color scheme.
The 4 colors on the left, yellow, orange, teal(ish) blue, and lime green.  (not final on which three) Since it's on black I needed to paint it white first.  Here's where I am so far:
 I admit I  love it just like this, but I also can't wait to see it in colors too.  My finishing quilting will be the same colors around the nucleus area only adding smaller openwork tentacles.  And then:   I don't know what.

Any ideas are welcome!  
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hmm, when you mix all colors of light, you get white and when you mix all colors of paint you get black. I'm thinking wite to (Different one for each tendrel) colors to black in center of the cell.

  2. Well, it's a great idea, and I trust that you will know what to do. Go Stacy!


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