Cat Quilt Revisited

I wanted to share this; when Trish sent me the photo of her finished bedroom, she said she 'finally got her quilt hung' .  I took that to mean the small prayer flag I had sent her.  But NO, she meant this one 
(these photos are of it on my Queen size bed)

 She and her husband care for 13 cats both in their home and the custom 'Catio' they built for them.  

So the flip side of her quilt has all 13 in effigy. 
All the materials are cat themed.  (with some blenders added)
Each block finished at  24" 

JUST LOOK WHAT SHE DID!!!!   I totally burst into tears when I saw this.
  (in fact; I'm still getting weepy)

I suppose it's a very good thing she has raised ceilings! I never put a rod pocket on it as it was intended for bed use but this clever girl did it herself & I am still overcome.  

So full of happy and gratitude.
Thanks for this special gift Trish.

PS. it was all pieced and quilted with Aurifil thread.
 Be on the lookout for my next post in which I share that the VOONDEBAR folks at Aurifil sent me some of their new linen thread to play with and one of the colors is ORANGE!!  How kewl!  *clappity clappity* I know just the quilt that needs to be finished using that fabulous color!   Can't wait! 
Happy Sewing!


  1. Now I wish I had waited to take pics during the DAY and not used a flash...

    The quilt just MAKES the bedroom and wait 'til you see the rest of the art I'm planning to hang up, I think you'll be pleased! I love my quilt!

  2. It looks pretty up and down - and I know she loves it!

  3. I first saw that quilt on Trish's blog and thought it was gorgeous! Love seeing more photos here. :)


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