Recycling for Pets

Has this ever happened to you? 
 You get a nice gift, say a wool scarf from England.
As the years go by it's worn a lot.  Then quite by mistake, someone who doesn't know that wool shouldn't go in the washing machine; 
does you a good deed and in the process ruins your beautiful wool scarf? 

So what do you do then? 

Well, after pricing cat toys for a gift exchange I'm in and realizing I couldn't get as many things as I wanted to put in the box if I were buying them all...
I realized I had all I needed to make something similar to the  coveted new online sensation 'the purple haze stick'.  
The makers combined valarien and catnip in one toy.  

After thinking myself how to make one I realized the key factor is not to encase the nip & valarien in cotton fabric but something like a double knit where kitties fangs & claws can really dig in and the (to the cats) heavenly scents can seep out.

Quite by chance I went into my coat closet to find a jacket to wear to go out to shopping in and found this scarf tucked up in a ball.  Perfect!  I felt bad using it in this way but it wasn't getting used for anything else and it seemed the perfect vehicle for what I wanted.  

Here's what I did

the scarf was already being perforated by moths. 
quickly overcame the cringing of cutting up something that was originally pricey I'm certain. 

I have Catnip and Valerian in my stash at all times!  
Perfect for CatNip quilts! 

Simply sewed up the bottom, side and stopped at the top with the fringe. 
Then turned inside out. 

Using a chop stick for the easy turn.

ready to fill!  I put Valerien at one end, added some filling (left over chair cushions) 

Valeiren is a very strong plant that induces calm usually.  It smells of a teenagers used shoes though; which is really the draw for cats I think.

whenever the nip comes out, there's always a quality control expert on the spot!

Lastly, stitch up the top.

So much for the Research and development phase! 

Now to testing...
Miss Jack says "you woke me for what?"

"OMCod!  gimme that!"

For her sensitive skin, it's best to have CatNip sealed inside. It's officially a hit with Miss Jack.

reminder, always use the right tool for the job! 

These two I finished after the prototype.  They are ready for gift giving! 

Everything was 100% recycled and that makes me happy!


  1. What a CLEVERPANTZ you are!! I'll have to keep an eye out at the resale store for some wool items to upcycle.

  2. I like this. Kitties do like wooly things that reek of catnip
    Handmade is the best

  3. Clever idea! I wish my cats were as playful as yours.

  4. Perfect shape for kitty claw love!


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