Some fun this weekend

I have a lot of little projects that sit on my desk until I'm ready to figure out the next steps or just find some time.  
Since I am waiting on a fabric order to complete the Queen Size quilt I'm working on I took the break to complete some littler art projects. 

This was an idea I had from a favorite photo of a friends cat. 
His name is Brighton. 

Teri dresses her cats and uses them at cat shows as fund raisers to help raise awareness of pet care; ownership and breeding.  

She ran her own cattery of Cornish Rex called Furrydance Cattery. 

For this tote bag I used stencils; acrylic ink; rubber stamps; embossing powders; metallic markers; lace; and buttons. 

The image was first put on silk, then I cut it out and stitched it down by machine. 

Alas, I may have occluded more of the photo than I had intended with the paints and stencils.  But the face is still lovely. I'm going to make another steam-punk kitty and may use this image as part of it.  Doesn't he just need a monocle? 

I used the peacock blue embossing powders to add the color.  I used also the metallic blue and black inks to create the splatter effect.  I simply masked the area I didn't want splatter on with post it notes that I cut in round shapes so there would be no hard edges.  

I'm mailing it out to her tomorrow. 

I have another small cat piece but I'm not allowed to show it yet.  Hopefully soon I will have exciting news.  

Also working on small bird themed prayer flags.  I need to update my Etsy site with some new works as well.  Alas, still trying to get my website up and running. 

I wonder how much I could get done if I didn't have a day job? LOL

Happy Sewing! 


  1. Love the details around the cat's face. Really gives it the look fo quite an elegant, old portrait.

  2. OH what beauty and how totally talented you are.

  3. What a lovely surprise I got when you sent me the video of you making this for me! You are very good at keeping secrets and I just adore this! It will gather lots of admiration, especially when I take it to the BlogPaws Conference in May!

  4. WOW!!! So beautiful!!!
    ...and I think I took that photo! : )


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