Tiny Bottles

I'm a total sucker for tiny things.
My artist friend Vickie Valdez also happens to be a Veterinarian.  She started saving these tiny bottles.
We have cleaned them out; removed the tops here's some of what I've been doing with them.
I have TONS of these and really want to focus more on them but alas; time...

Who doesn't love a Cat's Eye marble?  And that tiny computer chip in there??? Now I want to cruise thrift stores for watch parts.  I think tiny steam punk(ish) bottles with tiny gears & stuff would be too cool!
 Here are some that I was practicing my wire work on.  It's so fiddly but I love it!
 This tiny bottle was going to be covered in these stunning crystals but I really need a vice to hold it first.  I ended up with one ring of them (all individually placed) and that topper is a glass button!
It is one of my most prized buttons and I really want to get more of them.
The design is cut into the glass.  Amazing!

That peacock feather is too stunning!
I had one that was broken & it found it's way inside the bottle below.
I want to create small art quilts that have holes or rectangles cut out and then have
these bottles suspended in those spaces.

This one has wire outside & and inside and on the inside there are beads on the wire itself so they are suspended in the bottle.

Even extra peacock feather single barbs are full of light and iridescence.



  1. Clever idea and good use of the bottles. My friends father repaired watches & gave me tons of little watch fixings, etc. I am in Florida &not back home until may...if you still want some watch parts, let me know, I would be happy to share with you the findings.

  2. Not sure my comment went through...I have some watch findings my friend gave me. I am in Florida until may but if you still want some at that time, email me & I would be happy to share with you.

  3. How fun! Maybe you can put them up on Etsy as a fund raiser for Ollie?

  4. Rosemary here:
    I just love little things too. These are superb ideas.
    Pierro and Miles' vet is down the street, I wonder if I could beg them for tiny bottles?
    Very adorable

  5. Rosemary B here:
    Oh I love tiny things too.
    So adorable
    Pierro and Miles' vet is right down the street. I am gonna start begging for tiny bottles.
    Yours are so pretty


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