One Step Up, Two Steps Back

I can't believe time has gotten so far away from me.
Quick catch up:
Class at Conejo Valley quilters was fabulous!
The lecture went very well and we had a great time!
Some photos I saved before the camera card got lost :(

Up in Thousand Oaks there was a GIANT Joanne's and I purchased one of those rainbow colored roll a way's with just enough drawers so that each of my unfinished quilt tops can be tucked (along with binding, backing and co-ordinating thread so I can just go grab a drawer and finish them!
(ok, granted it probably would have been just as easy to leave them in the stacks on my table but I have always wanted one of these roll a way's and it will be great for all the quilt block construction I plan on doing sometime in the near future... when I have time... and well, I see you all nodding in bemused agreement. 
Here are the tops ready for batting, backing & done!
Then upon return I had to lickity split get two twin size t-shirt quilt commissions done!
Good thing there was a three day weekend in there. 
One valuable lesson I learned was that instead of using regular fusible interfacing on the tshirts, using fusible cotton interfacing is the best.  With the polyester interfacing there is still stretch in one direction; the cotton has NO stretch AND you can easily iron on it! The iron just glides over it when you are pressing during construction. (Which you want to always press on the wrong side anyhow owing to some screen prints will melt at the touch of a hot iron)

All the while dealing with work, my foster kittens, other projects and this record breaking heat wave that's about to kill me (and my wallet) oi vey!
I've recently finished some projects that I've put up on my Etsy and am trying to get some of these quilt tops batted and backed so they can go into the 'Etsy' bin and they can stop nagging me to finish them! LOL
Small tote

 Large Tote (book bag size)

can be folded over for a clutch

small autumn prayer flag

 and then I got distracted by making these chicken pin cushions.    
I really do have craft disorder but I find that bouncing around on projects can be fun and helpful and then it seems all at once you've finished lots of stuff!
Ok, back to work.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Wonderful post, Stacy! Thank you for posting about the cotton fusible interfacing for t-shirt quilts. I will be making one soon and wasn't sure how to go about it.

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Stacy, I want to make chicken pin cushions.... and why don't you live next door to meeeee???
    Love always


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