Art Journal Pages 2015

I had finally gotten some white pens that I'm happy with.  Uniball Signio 153.  
They are fabulous and the ink doesn't disappear into the paper. 
final page with the some areas darkened and extra white added. 

I have always loved the octopus' tentacles.  There's something just delightful about the way they curl and move. The other side of this page is black. The white gesso nearly covered all of it.  I did't want a pure white page so it worked nicely.  

Adding some color.   I use Tombow art markers.  I scribble some color on a plastic dappen dish, then with a slightly damp brush pick up the pigment and add it to the drawing.  I like this technique as it's fast and I don't have to worry about mixing colors to get the one I want. 

More colors added and some burnished copper around the 'page' edges.  Added shadows al la Jane Lafazio style (her watercolor class is awesome and if you want to learn, I highly recommend it!)

The final page today in better light.  I added some darker red behind the suckers for more life. 
This art journal has been so fun and I had no idea I wanted to draw these things until I created the book and then thought; 'well, I should put stuff on these empty pages'.  
The lesson I always need to learn; it isn't until you start making something that you will actually learn new stuff and make stuff. LOL
My next page will be an owl.  I think I can do one of those. 

Happy Drawing!


  1. I am LOVING the art journal! So lovely and fun to see the creative process.


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