Holiday Festival Shots

I realized I completely forgot to post these shots of us at the Holiday Festival at St. Pauls! 

Here was our booth!

Right smack dab in the middle of the action! 

These girls were too cute!  They are modeling the festival's hottest sellers!  TUTU'S!  

How friggin adorable is THAT?

Why yes, I had to have one too.  At just $10.00 How could I pass this up?  I fell in love with the black & white ribbon!  (if you must know, when I'm in a slump I will wear it at my sewing machine, I have a fabulous tiara & wand too.  hey, whatever works right???~i can't talk about my slippers yet)

Here was a blue one I wanted for 'The Gurl' but she declined.

Saw this one later & nearly traded mine in, but alas... no black & white ribbon...
See how those darlings caught my eye!!
I can only wonder at a Church facility that offers this sort of sign.  I just had to capture it on film.


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