Day Two at the lovely Bowers museum.  Sadly I didn't think to get pictures of the lovely grounds but it was right off to inside and a day of laughing, visiting, and learning.  

Ellen and I got a chance to actually go see the museum's quilt exhibit and that was cool.  BUT we also got in on the last day of the 'Weird and Wonderful' exhibit that featured not only one but TWO shrunken heads!  It was soooo cool! 

The museum store was exquisite and was choc full of wearable art as well as other interesting things.  It's nice to know that there is such a unique venue right here in my own backyard.  But very soon it was time to get 'back to work' so off we went!

You can see my helper today attempting to do her homework!

Cindy's lovely little hexagon pincushions!

My card selection (happily dwindling!)

Some of my quilts
It was way fun!  Tessa, one of the show co-coordinators was asking vendors if they wanted to be 'videoed' for the Bowers website, etc.  At first I wasn't going to do it but then I figured if they put me on their site & anyone looking there might see me & my quilts & maybe even want one!  So I sucked up the nerves & did it.  It was very fun, if they actually use it I'll be sure and link it... You'll be able to giggle along with me trying to be all sophisticated.  

That lady on the left hard at work is a singularly gifted calligrapher and I'm so proud to say I know her and she's a lovely person as well!  Lisa Englebrecht.  I spent so much time at her booth just in awe of her work.  Both Ellen & I had fun just looking through all her works, prints, pens, books... It was sooo inspiring!  I wanted to run right home and make stuff!  

above & below are her 'cast offs' that were free in a bin

I watched her demonstration and she wrote my name!!!   I so long to have such an elegant hand as she does!

The day practically flew by and it was lovely to have a helper to wrap everything up & make the trips to the car for me!   So, until next year...  me & El are puttin' our feet up, watching a Harry Potter marathon and enjoying some well earned time off! 


  1. Hey Stacy! Stopping by to say hi. Wish I could have attended the Bowers Museum shindig. sounds like there was good shopping, and (oh yea) cultural activities to be found!

  2. Great pix! It was a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing the table with me!


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