Life imitates Art

When I completed this quilt that I titled 'Salmon Upstream' I hadn't purchased the rose bush that gave the beautiful blooms you see here and had no idea one even exsited!  The name of the rose bush is 'One Perfect Moment' and it certainly is.  The roses last for ages in this  perfect state of bloom; not to small, not bloomed out.  I purchased it last year and had it in a pot; when it failed to thrive I broke down & planted it in my yard.  It has rewarded me ever since with many long stemmed beauties like the ones pictured here.  

I never considered myself a rose person and only had one real bush that was a gift from my daughter who was 6 at the time called 'Double Delight'.  It still takes my breath away with it's beautiful roses but I can no longer tolertate the rich fruity heady scent of them without triggering a migraine, so they live in the farthest corner of my yard where I can see them; but not smell them.  

These have virtually no scent at all which is sad in a way but good news for any folks out there like me who  love to bury their whole face in the gloriously soft petals and inhale deeply their delicate fragrance.  


  1. Beautiful roses! That's your color.

  2. Amazing roses! I totally love the color.



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