Auction for a Good Cause!

Right now there is a rather heated auction going on and I'm happy to say that one of my Catnip Quilts is at the center of it! 

So I thought I'd take a moment to let my art blogger friends know about it in case they might have cats of their own & would want one of my Catnip quilts! 

The funds are 100% donated to help a fellow cat blogger AND a dear friend of mine Teri Thorsteinson.  So come on over & check it out!  I'm bidding too on some other wayyy cute stuff!!  You can see lovely FiFi playing with one of Teri's quilts I gave her here and it's the cutest thing evar!!! 

The auction for these current 30 items goes until the 20th of December; (but shhhhhh... next week there might be another surprise along with one of these!)

Piece Out!


  1. We love our quilt like that one! We also like that kitty so can't wait to see what's up with that!

    Our mommy can't seem to find your correct email but saw one on the auction comments that she's going to try next. Third times a charm!

  2. Been there, tried that. I think my kitties would love such a quilt.

  3. Stacy, thanks soooo much for this lovely post, all the links to our bloggie and for supporting the Auction with one of your special catnip quilts!


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