For those who bid on a CatNip Quilt but didn't win; here's my offer:  *note is from Ms. Stella's blog*

Ok kitties from everywheres! 

Since so many of you bid on the CatNip Quilts That Woman makes she wanted to lets you know; if you wants; you can buy one for $30.00 each and she will gives Missy Teri 25% of dat.  Dat way anykitty who wants one can haz one & still be doing a great thing for Mr. B & Missy T.  K?  Any questions; or if you wants one... Please email That Woman here:  stacy (at) rocketmail (dot) com

AND if you orders one (or more) Please puts your kitteh's name so She can putz it on da quilty.  Plus! She is tossin in a free CatNip bird too! 

P.P. Essss.  She has LOTS of different colors and fabrics so you don'tz gotta has dis one; you can have a fancy one dat will match something in your house.  (She is sucha doofus; I tellz her to make the cute catz one but She says some of peoples wants it to match their stuffs) 

Ms. Stella O'Houligan


  1. Whoohoo! I'll get one more then. Now how do we go about getting you paid?

  2. Ok; figured it out; I put the 'donate' button up top on right. :)

    And THANKS!!

  3. I have to wait awhile, but I definitely will be ordering one. :)


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