Beading in a Series

A few years ago I made this piece.  A friend had given me the polymer face as a gift and one night I decided to do some beading and this lady of Spring was born. 

 Since then I have received another polymer face (the same kind from a friend who didn't use hers) so I had the idea to create another butterfly but this one could be Fall.  So she will be made out of leaves.
 I had lots of fun gathering fall colored beads of all sizes and shapes. (Never know what you might need right?)
 I cut up an old blouse that was embossed velvet, I fused the piece over the bronze moda (using mistyfuse for it's lovely transparency and light hand- MUCH easier to bead thru)
The cut out areas were completely random but as her body started forming they became fortuitous!

In the spring butterfly her 'hair' was made of pre-made fringe, for this one I had no such luck so had to create the fringe myself.  
 As of last night here is where we are thus far.  You can see on the left that the outline of her wing is taking shape, and so it will be on the right

In trying emulate a moths' wing
Those gold leaves have holes all around the edge, it made it convenient to take size .15 seed beads and wrap the leaves down with them. That was my favorite part so far.
You can partiall see the lampwork glass leaf that is the center of the body.  I am attempting to pick up the various colors in that leaf throughout. 
metal open work leaves with size .15 seed beads creating depth of field.

That's it for now, will share when it's all finished. Then I am moving onto Winter which will be in all black and white!  I can't wait!!!


  1. I love her! I can't wait to see her finished!

  2. These are beautiful! I hear my beads and embroidery calling ...
    Nellie's Mom

  3. Your work is stunning. And that is not even a good enough adjective for it. Beautiful beyond words.


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