When my dad died I wanted to make something for my step-mom; his bride of nearly 50 years.  She gave me a bag of some of his shirts.   Since they weren't the kind that would have made a good
T-shirt quilt  I decided to honor his memory in a different way.
size: 24"W x 30" L. 
 I never knew my dad when I was small, my parents divorced when I was four and I didn't see him (or my brothers either) until I was in my teens.  I was 18 or so when I went to live with them for a short time.   
I remember in their house a picture that was there always with that saying
on it. 
 A bit darker photo but you can see the radiating lines.  I created the cross by cutting 1/2 strips from his shirts and then couching them.  Since we are part Irish I chose the Celtic nimbus circle to hand embroider around the cross.

My mom has this hanging in her entry way, there is a small alcove with a fountain there.  It's nice to stand and hear the water and see the quilt.  I am glad she liked it.  


  1. That is just so cool!
    It is gorgeous!
    Nellie's Mom

  2. I love it I just thought of one of my own Dad's sayings....


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