Latest Commissions, Sea Dragon Finished!

First up is the 'Sea Dragon' completed. 
it's 17" x 25" approx.

The Sea Dragon is hand painted on on sheer organza, then fused onto chartruese silk, then stitched onto the quilt.
He has lime green size .015 seed beeds. 

 I love how the little elongated beads resemble schools of fish shimmering in the kelp.

below some ruched velvet ribbon gives the impresson of a sea slug. Fun fur and fancy yarns created the different colored kelp rising from the depths.
Some larger shell beads that I attached 'eyes' too.

 These were some fun beads that I found while looking for something else in my stash.  Even though there are no 'fins' simply the way the light shines on them and adding the air bubbles creates the illusion of larger fish.

 I wish the camera would show these pink fish better.  When they are viewed in the light they glow.  The dark pink is clear so the light catching them illuminates them right off the material.

some fun jellies!

French knots are my favorite embroidery motif. Those are made with hand dyed varigated thread.   Here some fun fur yarn, small stones, and a large glass cabachon (the kind you buy to put in the bottom of vases for flowers or candles) and cube beads further embellish the bottom areas.

The giant cabachon was secured with threads criss crossing the top to capture the bead then I put a dot of E6000 underneath it just to be sure. 

All beads are stitched down one at a time (or in groups of three or four).  I only used the glue to secure the larger pink fish at the top so they would stay flat and this giant, heavy bead.

Next is a simple block memory quilt.
  Ellen's Aunt commissoned a quilt for her mom in celebration of her 75th birthday.  Since they were having a surprise 50's themed party for Lorretta, I felt it would be real fun to do some photos of the party along with the theme's colors.  Since Ellen was commissioned by her Aunt to be the party photographer  it worked out nicely.  
 I love the look on her husbands face here^  after having kept her Surprise 75th Birthday a secret!
 I had pre-cut the white squares and drawn the word bubbles (using a scrapbooking stencil) and people at the party were encouraged to write personal messages to her.   The photo on the bottom is her grandson dressed as Elvis.  (The poodle was appliqued on- she was carrying a black bag so the ribbon blended nicely)

It was really fun to make.  The quilt was given to her on Mother's Day.  (just two weeks after the party)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Dtacy! Your talent is awsome! What wonderful pieces! Love! Love! Love!
    Nellie's Mommy

  2. Sea Dragon is wonderful! The details are exquisite. It's funny how we both recently finished ocean-themed quilts for people.


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