Almost There

Just three more of those buggers to to! 

A Finished Kitty Prayer Flag
It's so much fun to do hand embroidery
"Kitty Prayers for Tuna"
Especially with hand dyed varigated Pearle cotton.  Just yummy! 

this counts as beading right? 

The hangars are made from small dowels.  They come about 3ft. longI color them in gold metallic painty markers,  cover them in glue, then put the glitter on. Once dry, I cut them about a foot long, wrap some of the fabric (about an inch and one half wide) around one end, it's held by copper wire that I wrap (inserting beads as I go) and twist.  


  1. Just lovely! Thanks for your good wishes during our storm!

  2. I love it!!!!!!

    You are so talented. LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Stacy!
    Wow! I LOVE the quilt, the prayer flag and you hangers! When do you find the time!?
    Nellie's Mommy

  4. Your kitty prayer flag is wonderful! The hangers with the beads are really inspired.


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