Prayer Flag #7

Also a birthday gift.  

 8"W x 17"L (approx)
I learn something from every single thing I attempt.  In this piece I learned that I should have added one more smallish branch under the tail as the overall weight of tail & branch creates too much of a solid shape and stops the eye. 

 my favorite part of this bird was doing the neck.  Those tiny French knots in with the solid green single strand stitching really popped.  The yellow/orange/pink gave a lovely scattering effect.
Likewise the ruff of the chest, there French knots there were created using a orange/fuschia/light pink varigated.  I want to make another of these birds just to use the super fun colors!  

It's been so nice to take a break from my Black & White pieces (of which there are now 7!) 

The glorious hand dyed Pearle cotton of Laura Wasilowski
Variegated thread is my favorite to work with.  I find that it is so much more flexible and gives me outstanding results!

I have loved using this background fabric.  It's called Quilters Linen (it is not proper linen btw, that is just the name of it) from Japan.  I have it in several solids and it's a dream to work with. 

This prayer flag went to Peggy Calvert, a friend & fellow artquilter in our group First Friday Artists


  1. Love it! Love the colors! Love the bird!
    Nellie's Mommy

  2. Nice to see it close up. I didn't get a good look at it at the meeting.

  3. How beautiful and what a genuine work of art. Again. Your talent is truly heaven sent.


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