New Project A BED quilt!

So I saw this book and had to have it because I am a sucker for all things 'scrap user friendly' and well, just look at that quilt!  Yum! 

A while back a dear friend gave me a bag of fabric she had collected for herself.  It is all cat related.  When I looked through this book I found the pattern I thought was wonderful for this type of quilt.  She loved the pattern also so off I went! 

The book is quite specific that you shouldn't be 'cutting' any fabrics  using your scraps.  Well, I did pull quite a bit of scrap fabric from my CatNip quilt collection to supplement what my friend had. 

Here is the first quarter of one block. 

                  one partially completed quarter,                    
the completed quarter will be 12 1/2 " x 12 1/2 "
There will be 36 of the quarter blocks to total one of these

This is 2ft square.  There will be 9 of these.  Total size should be 80" x 80". 
sorry about the icky resolution.  Camera phone... Will post better as I progress.

Since this is not a true Log Cabin I didn't have to worry about being confused by the directions (I swear, I have tried it several times & end up sewing it backwards every.single.time).   I'm so NOT a traditional quilter!   I do love the more formal patterns but the quilts in this book are exactly what they are called 'Modern Quilts' and they use modern color combos that are wonderful!  I urge you to take a look at the book on amazon where it shows more pages.   

What is really compelling to me about using scraps is that for every odd scrap I pick out, I remember the quilt I used it for originally!   Nearly all of those early quilts went to their owners as gifts prior to me documenting them with photos.  Which in retrospect may have been a good thing LOL.   I am happy to visit the memories of past quilts while constructing a new one.  I am not happy about the mess in my sewing room with strips all over the place. 

The book is very clever in that it tell you to sort your colors in bins (or darling cloth vessels you can create using...your scraps!).  I had my bins all ready and then realized the pattern I chose didn't call for colors to be separate but of the same value which is different entirely.  So away the bins went and hello strip mania all over the table, floor, chairs.   Ugh. 

It's still fun though. 
I'll post photos when it's more complete. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Looks like lots of fun work. ONE day Mom is going to make a quilt!

    We see our catnip quilt fabric in there!!


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