Quick Quilting Update

When I make an art quilt I will put lesser quality fabrics on the back simply because of cost.  Also, the back is not what you usually see so to my mind I don't want to 'waste' my interesting fabrics for that.  

When I create a bed quilt choosing the backing fabric is important for many reasons, one being the feel of the fabric; since that's the part that will most likely be next to the skin.  The soft silky feeling of great cottons is a big draw for me.  The back is important in design as creating a quilt that has two sides gives the owner the ability to show it either way; it's like having two quilts instead of one!  (see the Irish Chain in the prev. post)  Lastly, the idea of quilting the design from the reverse.  Sure, there's lots of machines that have pre-programmed stitches/quilting patterns; or even sheets of tear away you can lay over the area and simply follow the dotted lines.  

I prefer to quilt on the fly.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  In the previous post about the Irish Chain I'm quilting all different motifs and creating some new ones (to me) along the way.  

In this piece I had the notion to quilt the front by following the pattern on the backing fabric.  I wasn't sure at first and quilted just a bit near the bottom edge then flipped it over to see how it looked on the front.  

TOO darling!  Those daisy's are just too cute!  Now I'm working on deciding the next elements that should be quilted.  I will go over a few of the daisy's on the front in grey thread and when I quilt the daisy's on the grey area I will grey thread but toss in some yellow ones as well to joint those elements.  I'm undecided on the squares.  I'm leaving it sit for a day or so to figure that out. 

Here's the backing fabric


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