The After of Before...

Finally getting it all cleaned & organized! 

I recently had to add that thread rack closest to the armoire. 
In case some of you may not know, you can use plastic drinking straws to extend the spindles so you don't have to pay the extra $$ for the longer ones! 

It is my dream to fill all that empty space with Aurifil :)  I already have 5 of them! Woohoo!

A shot of the design wall & cleaned desks.  The window AC unit is an absolute Godsend in summer.  With all the lighting necessary & keeping the curtains open having cool air is a must! 

Here is the shot of the uncovered sewing machine! 

I didn't get a before shot of this area; the shelves were full of c.r.a.p. & odds  & ends & just I don't know what!  When I was at Target the other day I found those two colorful pink bins on clearance.  Together they were five bucks and they fit perfectly!  (If there had been more than two I would have purchased them all!)  

On my wall is art from my artist friends!  joanell connolly; Marie Johansen; Julie Schlueter; Jamie Fingal (the decoupaged mini cupboard is from Jamie also; and various art postcards, and show ribbons.    The masks were mine & my daughters one Halloween.  We had a lot of fun in them!  As they have feathers they are enclosed in ziplock bags. A nice remembrance. 

Well, now onto quilting those 4 bed quilts that are neatly stacked on that table under the window! 
I got a gift card to our local quilt store the Orange Quilt Bee and you can bet some new Aurifil will be coming home with me soon! 

The best part of today was getting this all cleaned out & organized and doing it all in my jammies!  

Vacations are bliss!


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