Got gloves?

Most of us know that when you attend a quilt show there are white glovers those are the wonderful people who volunteer their time to stand in front of quilts with white gloves on so that if you were at the show would like to see the back of the quilt they're there to lift up delicately a corner of the quilt so that if you are maybe take a peek behind, thus preventing any public handling of the art work.
Lots of quilters wear gloves when they do their free motion work (excluding long armer's I should think)  and like many others before me I tried a lot of different types before settling on my favorite type. 
When I free motion quilt I use latex surgical gloves. (real latex not the fake ones) I started this practice after the knitted quilting gloves that I had first just got to warm for my hands and I found them too bulky and cumbersome; not to mention the couple times I accidentally stitched them right down during a rather exciting part.   A friend gave me a box of latex surgical gloves and I tried them while quilting and fell instantly in love with them.
How long does each pair last? Well, probably forever if you weren't using them for handling material all day. After two quilts this is what my gloves look like.
The fabric is clean the gloves start out clean and the machine and quilting area are clean. Some quilts might be a bit dirtier than others simply due to the excess dyes in the materials.
 Also, they are fabulous for petting your cats as the latex grabs that excess fur (I use another pair just for that). 
I also use them when I paint and do calligraphy as I truly hate getting paint & ink on my skin. 
I give myself a sort of mini mani by lubing up my fingernails with Vaseline before the gloves go on; after having them on for a few hours and with the heat generated by my own body it does wonders for my dry cuticles! 
Happy Quilting!  


  1. I use these gloves for SO many things! DH just ordered more for me since our local stores only carry medium and large. I just tied them for FMQ last week when I could not find one of Machingers. They really do work well,

  2. I like the vasaline trick! I have been using these gloves for canning and I could use the cuticle lubrication!

  3. Great idea, just wondering where you get your gloves and what size? Those look very form fitting. The ones at the store are way too big.

  4. They come on sizes. I buy the smalls


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