My good friend Vickie just acquired this little cutie pie.  And of course with a name like 
Princess Aleyska Analise Duchess of Aurora Borealis...
she needed her very own CatNip Quilt.  

the back

close up front

22" x 22" 
As I've said before I like doing these because they give me a reason to practice my feathers.  I was trying a new technique on the inside feathers here and I don't like it but it worked.  I like the outside ones though.  

I find that if you learn one way to do them you sort of always fall back into that way.  What I didn't like about the inside ones is that you create the feather loops by back stitching over the adjacent feather crown.  I don't like how that looks.  Every other one, on the top you can see it's darker.  That's distracting to me.  
So I'm going back to the old way of doing each loop individually.  


  1. :)
    I actually LIKE the feather loop back stitching....


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