New Hexie project(s)

 So, what happens when you order a five dollar template from Missouri Star Quilt Co?  Well, for one thing you make sure you check out their 'Daily Deal' .  I was surprised to see this charm pack for $1.88!!!  I loved the top print & for that price didn't even bother to look at the rest of the line. 

Well, I got my little hexie template and they tucked it inside the charm pack.  How cute!

Here are some of the rest of the charm pack prints. 

If I had any moolah left over from Christmas I would have gone right back and bought another two charm packs of this.   

I saw somewhere  a quilt done that placed the hexies in a way that they look like Chinese lanterns.
So I cut out the larger prints leaving the shorter sides at top and bottom.
I even am leving the pinked edges on the sides as it does look just like a paper lantern!
All I needed to add was the top & bottom.  
I know right??? How cute is that!   
So here is a not that great photo of my lanterns. 
Now what to do for the background.  I wanted them to swing gently in an arc but quickly dismissed that idea.  What I'm toying with is to inset some tiny piping that moves in arcs  under (and over) the lanterns instead.  Not sure yet.  But these colors are just luminous!

I thought I might take the other prints and create a background but realized quickly I was actually making two separate quilts.   

The photos below give you some idea of construction.   
I ran out of the dark grey material so I'll need to get more to complete the second half.
This was totally fun!
I was listening to my audible account to the Terry Pratchett novel 'Carpe Jugulum' and had a blast all weekend!

I'm glad I have a customer quilt to start to give my brain time to 'gel' these two projects for a bit & figure out what to do with them.  

Happy Sewing and
Happy New Year!  


  1. The second one looks like structures of MOLECULES! Way cool.

  2. The lanterns are cool! My, you have been busy.


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