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It's always so humbling when you get a call for a commissioned piece of art.  Even more so when the call comes from a fello artist that you so admire! 
Cindy Cooksey contacted me with a quote she wanted me to use my calligraphy skills on. 
Here is the finished work. 
 Cindy provided some 'enticements' including the mixed silk hexagons & the fabric of the vase.  I cut the vase shape and used the same stencil that I used to create the background (using FW frosted white acrylic ink) I simply used black to mirror the flourishes. 
I was very happy with the placement in that it broke up the pattern & really gave it a nice depth.
In this shot you can best see the French Knots coming down from the top.
Believe it or not; those leaves (using some hand dyed silk scraps) were the most difficult for me and the stem.  I find it hard in hand embroider keeping that really flat even stitching.
Here is the quote Cindy wanted.  I used my own handwriting as it best echoed the swirls I feel; enjoining all the elements.

 I had machine stitched the bird shap first and then felt he needed more visual presense.  I had a ball with my Laura Wasilowsky hand dyed floss.  YUM!
You can see the white frost shimmer giving a ghost of a wing image there. 
I really love using stenicls to create quick, easy backgrounds.  When laying down ink I always go really light at first, then heavier in spots to give the illusion of depth.  The frosted inks add so much.  I typically dilute them a bit when I want that ghost image but keep the sparkle.

I was so nervous to give it to Cindy that I simply left it on my ironing board so she could look at it while I went to another room in the house.  That way if she hated she wouldn't feel that immediate pressure of me standing there like a happy kitten.  LOL
I'm happy to say she liked it. 
I enjoyed making it for her!
Happy Kittens to you!


  1. stunning!

    you add so much detail, i could stand and stare at your work for hours.

    really beautiful.

  2. Yes, I am very happy. You did a great job! LOL, I didn't see the bird until you mentioned it.

  3. Once again yous have exceeded all expectations!!!
    Stacy - you rock!

  4. It's lovely Stacy! Truly unique, almost abstract, until your eye puts the flower together. I like your handwriting style too.


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