Show opens TODAY!

I finished hand stitching some of my 'Kitty Prayer Flags' and felt they would go nicely as smaller works for sale at the show today. 

Whittier Art Gallery 
2:30 - 5:00 Artist reception
Everyone welcome!

These are all 9" x 11"
signed and numbered
complete with hanging rods (see below)

Kitteh prays: " Keep me safe indoors please"

Kitteh prays: 'Butterfly dreams'

Classic Coke Kitteh prays:  'Cheezeburgerz plz"
This kitteh is special; he is a feral who has been TNR (trapped, neuter/spay & released) you can tell by his 'tipped' right ear. 

Kitteh prays: 'In Spring, let their be bugs!'

They all come wrapped with their own hand painted, wire wrapped, beaded or buttoned hanging rods

Hope to see you at the reception today!


  1. Stacy, let me know when any are for sale! I thought I loved Butterfly Dreams until I saw Spring!

  2. Hi Bernadette! I will know after the show closes if there are any left. If not, I would be happy to make you one just like it as I still have a bit of that ladybird fabric left.


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