Sacred Threads Gates of Heaven and Hell Travelling Again!

I'm excited to announce that my piece has been selected to travel with a select group from the Sacred Threads 2013 collection! 
The group will travel the Mancuso Show circuit in 2014!
I'm honored to have been considered & thrilled that work will travel with such a unique and powerful exhibit!

Gates of Heaven & Hell

note: the entrance to hell is a^^ bit more open that the heaven side :P

The binding on the heaven side is all black. The binding on the hell side is all white, around the bottom area it didn't look good; too boxed in so I took my fancy fabric marker and just drew out or carried the design fully to the edges. I was so impressed with myself for thirty seconds, then I only wished I could have done the white on the heaven side... note to self; much easier to get black onto a white surface that true white onto a black surface...

yes; those are fishnet stockings, I covered them in smokey tulle so they are flush.
The Raven is made of PVC material. I had to cover it in Solvy's water soluble stabilizer in order to quilt the feathers. The finished bird looks almost like leather.
BTW: The question I'm most asked is 'What is PVC material?'
It is used for outfits like this

I also used it on my Steampunk Cyborg kitteh.
You will need a water soluable stablizer if you wish to free motion quilt(or machine stitch it at all)  over it to prevent your presser foot from sticking. 
I use this one
Here's a shot my friend Teri took at the show for me:

I'm so totally stoked!



  1. Congratulations and thanks for the descriptive pics and info re: materials used. Love the idea of fish net hose and PVC fabric...:)

  2. Very surreal and beautifully done. Congratulations, Stacy! My daughter loved your steampunk kitty. Oh, and as far as PVC is concerned, I thought it just came in pipes, fences and such. Home Depot won't be featuring the kind you showed, haha!


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