My Wicked Entry!

I'm so totally stoked to share my Cherrywood Fabric's 'Wicked' Contest entry.  
The call for entry said you could make something from the musical itself or simply what you felt was wicked. 
Only thing is you had to use their 'wicked greens' only as part of your design. 

I found this fabulous paper at Art Supply Warehouse and knew instantly (after months of idea chopping) that a tattered Raven would be my star.  I also incorporated my new 12" tree stencils.  (they are the same as the 6 inch ones)

And then to this: 

Final shot: I wanted the quilting to mirror a spider web following the paper's natural lines. I used Mog Podge again to good effect to keep the paper pliable and secure.
Hint of gears & clock face.  Added silver ink to the branches to give a more 3d effect. 
Here's part of the collection hanging.  Out of 100 or so they will only chose 23.  Competition is very steep and I'm thrilled to be included.  We'll see if Raven makes the final cut. 
Raven is on the back black pillar; you can see the moon. :)
Photo: Just one more before I collapse.


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