Some Kaffe Plates

Before I knew there was a rule
I watched a tutorial on Dresden Plates and since I had recently won an EZ Dresden Plate Ruler
I simply sat down and using only scraps of my Kaffe Fasset (from my Kaffe Cats) I created a bunch of blades and started sewing them all together. 

I figured you just kept adding till you completed your circle. 

You make exactly 20 blades
You should join 5 at a time & use your cutting mat's rulers to make sure they fit in the allotted 90 degree marks.

Then you join the sections together and as it was clearly explained to me that you must offer up every prayer you know to any diety (or preferably ALL of them) that your plate will lie flat, you stitch that last seam.  And Voila!  You have some fancy flowers.

Since I am loathe to waste any of this glorious fabric I decided to copy a pattern I saw where you could use the smaller sections too.  THEN I remembered (seeing that big empty space in the middle of the block) that you could do this thing (thereby using even more of scraps)
And I made little pointy bits. 

Since I'm not following a quilt pattern (other than making these plates) I wasn't really paying attention and so the full flowers are 15" squares.  The fans above are about 13" so I will add to each of them a border of the opposite color.  (e.g. a limey green border on the blue box and a blue border n the limey green box).  That will give me a nice big chunk of close to a 30" square.  NO idea what, if anything, I will put around it. 

I can't wait to get started on all my handwork embroidery with all my yummy hand dyed floss!   

This weekend I'm back working on my Kaffe Cats.  I've become a member of the MQG and I am going to enter it at Quiltcon 2015!  


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