Upcoming Workshop!

First I'd like to share that I  have an upcoming Calligraphy Workshop, Trunk show and lecture August 17th & 18th for the Conejo Valley Quilters!  *Be sure to check out there webpage for more info! 

I'm excited to be getting ready for this.  In addition to getting all my class supplies ready I am making a small art piece for their ways and means folks to raffle!  *I love winning stuff don't you??*  

Since it's far away, Miss Ellen will be joining me and I am very much looking forward to spending a couple days with her.  One of the Co-ordinators is a Bird of Prey rehabber and I am crossing my fingers that we can visit her 'birds' while we are there.  *ok, really, those of you who know me can probably guess how excited I am at the prospect of being able to be so close to them and I promise if we can we will take photos!* 



  1. Too bad it's far for me - cause I just ran across all my calligraphy supplies. :-)

  2. Rosemary B here, hello Stacy. You are lucky to go there and look at every one's stuffs and they will be impressed with yours I am certain!


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