Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Bird Feeder Mosaic Glass

Don't ask... 
Just wanted to make a cute little bird feeder for my front porch.  Had old vases and large glass serving platters I don't use anymore. The little nekkid dude came from France!  I thought the keys would make perfect perches for the birds to sit in comfort.  They are small branch sized for their feet. 

The tape holds the elements into place while the E6000 glue dries overnight.

The center of the butterflies are from a lovely hand painted wineglass that was broken 
The green wings were made from a lovely Crate & Barrel candle votive I loved (before it met it's arch nemesis Ollie)

Waiting a week, no birds... hummmm; 

Removed the hanging fake parakeet & cage; 
two days later....
I squealed, literally.  

Apparently budgies in cages are scary.  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vintage dress to new purse

Bought this dress at a thrift store with every intention of wearing it.  Afterall, the size said it was 12/14. 

But after seeing that it was bearly 20" wide I (with the help of my FB friends) came to the conclusion it was for a young girl; not a grown woman. So... Lovely grey silk... hum......

I needed to make a new purse anyhow. 

Kept the kickpleat as the front of the purse.

yummy Alexander Hendry Orange to pop the inside! 
Learned how to install the magnet closure

Used the botton placket as the 'feet' of the purse
and used a vintage faceted black button from my mom's collection for the front. 
I love my new purse! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

November Memory Quilt Commission

A woman who's husband passed recently was put into contact with me about doing a memory quilt for her out of his favorite Hawaiian shirts.  

Since they were avid cruisers I decided it would be good to do some photo transfer.  Top left is their 40th anniversary cruise.  The top right was their wedding cruise. 

Just starting to deconstruct the shirts & play with backgrounds.  
decided the fabulous blue flowered batik would be perfect for both the big blocks and the backing. 
As the herringbone border is constructed.
I find that in doing memory quilts this is the most effective way to use some of all the pieces and since cutting into 2 1/2 strips you can use any excess in future for binding or other projects. 
Showing the quilting from the back so it's easier to see.  I do my own machine quilting. 
Keeping the pattern open and a bit large since the front is so busy. 

Front detail
All done. 
She was very happy with it
Finished was Full

Thursday, November 26, 2015

November Hallway floor

After months of having a cement slab hallway I decided to do something about it. 
(I rent this house and in 20 years of being here the carpet needs replacing, I ripped out the carpet in the two hallways opting for slab rather than disgusting 2 year old carpet) 

My idea was to adhere cardstock in the clamshell design. 
It was fun picking out the Asian themed paper I'd been hoarding  keeping for so long. 
Looks pretty bright... 
applying overstain with a crumpled rag

Then overstaining that

Nearly done

And several topcoats later, here it is. Just need the threshold strips now. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Commissioned piece using Clerical Robe and Stoles

A client had her fathers old Clerical robe similar to this one in the stock photo: 
She had all his old stoles as well.  She asked me a bit ago if I had any ideas.  She was interested in something smaller.  So I designed this table runner. 
I used the material from his robe to create the tree.  

The birds were created from the stoles.  I added the tails myself as the stoles didn't all have matching fringe. 

Here you can see where the black velvet pieces finished the top and bottom off nicely.  The bottom of the stoles were left intact. 
I finished it off by adding clusters of beads to the tree swirls and neglected to get a shot of the entire thing beaded; but you can get the idea here. 

The gold metal beads added a nice texture and illuminated the swirls. 

The client was thrilled! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Desert Sunset paining

I was practicing using some darker colors and trying to create a background.  I realized when I was done this this that it really was done.  I didn't want to cover it with anything.  To me it looks like desert plateaus in the dusk of evening.   

Monday, November 23, 2015

Painting some more!

This is the second layout spread I did using the Laporte tutorial.  

I can't sing the praises of the moulding clay in stenciling.  The added texture is so very cool and lots of times it works in unexpected ways at the finish! I didn't realize it would be so dramatic in her hair and I love it! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gears Commission

My poor blog! I've gotten so behind.  Ive been really busy this past few months at my day job and also working on commissioned pieces. I am incredibly fortunate!  

This was the orignial piece I created that I split into the triptich of the 12 x 12 pieces.  One sold and the folks who purchased it later asked if they could actually have two of the 12 inch pieces and one big center piece 36 x 24 as well.  

I LOVE when this happens!  I get inspired to create something else!  It was great fun making the large center piece and they honored me by sending me the photo of the all three hanging in their lovely home!