Some Painting

 Daughter and I have been having so much fun watching Tamara Laporte's art journaling you tube videos.  She's an amazing artist and I really feel like I've learned something!

Here I have used my Golden moulding clay and my favorite stencil to create another layer of interest. You could have never convinced me I could actually draw a face that didn't look like an emoticon. Alas!  following her tutorial I was able to.  I'm so very pleased it actually looks like a person and not reptile like at all.  

Here I was creating a background but loved it so very much I left it alone. I replicated it on two canvas' and they are for sale on my Etsy page! (photo below)  I just love the warm color!  
Here is another background.  I did end up finishing this with a girl portrait and some fun lanterns.   

I can't gush enough over Tim Holtz waxed tissue.  It is flawless when using one part elmers & one part water.   

These are 12"x12" canvas with the gallery 1 3/8" depth.   These are available on my Etsy page!


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