November Memory Quilt Commission

A woman who's husband passed recently was put into contact with me about doing a memory quilt for her out of his favorite Hawaiian shirts.  

Since they were avid cruisers I decided it would be good to do some photo transfer.  Top left is their 40th anniversary cruise.  The top right was their wedding cruise. 

Just starting to deconstruct the shirts & play with backgrounds.  
decided the fabulous blue flowered batik would be perfect for both the big blocks and the backing. 
As the herringbone border is constructed.
I find that in doing memory quilts this is the most effective way to use some of all the pieces and since cutting into 2 1/2 strips you can use any excess in future for binding or other projects. 
Showing the quilting from the back so it's easier to see.  I do my own machine quilting. 
Keeping the pattern open and a bit large since the front is so busy. 

Front detail
All done. 
She was very happy with it
Finished was Full


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