November Bird Feeder Mosaic Glass

Don't ask... 
Just wanted to make a cute little bird feeder for my front porch.  Had old vases and large glass serving platters I don't use anymore. The little nekkid dude came from France!  I thought the keys would make perfect perches for the birds to sit in comfort.  They are small branch sized for their feet. 

The tape holds the elements into place while the E6000 glue dries overnight.

The center of the butterflies are from a lovely hand painted wineglass that was broken 
The green wings were made from a lovely Crate & Barrel candle votive I loved (before it met it's arch nemesis Ollie)

Waiting a week, no birds... hummmm; 

Removed the hanging fake parakeet & cage; 
two days later....
I squealed, literally.  

Apparently budgies in cages are scary.  


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