Commissioned piece using Clerical Robe and Stoles

A client had her fathers old Clerical robe similar to this one in the stock photo: 
She had all his old stoles as well.  She asked me a bit ago if I had any ideas.  She was interested in something smaller.  So I designed this table runner. 
I used the material from his robe to create the tree.  

The birds were created from the stoles.  I added the tails myself as the stoles didn't all have matching fringe. 

Here you can see where the black velvet pieces finished the top and bottom off nicely.  The bottom of the stoles were left intact. 
I finished it off by adding clusters of beads to the tree swirls and neglected to get a shot of the entire thing beaded; but you can get the idea here. 

The gold metal beads added a nice texture and illuminated the swirls. 

The client was thrilled! 


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