Binding Scraps Quilt

Someone recently posted a quilt they made for a baby using nothing but leftover binding scraps. 
Of course the idea isn't new and you can find a 1001 uses for 2" or 2 1/2" strips till the cows come home. 
But for some reason I got it into my head that I needed to empty my scrap binding box.  I'm calling it a prelude to Spring Fever. 

clean out, clean up, move on. 

So I took out my 2foot by 1foot box of scrap binding that was stuffed and the lid barely closed on. 

They didn't all play together very nicely and very quickly I realized I couldn't just close my eyes and grab and hope to have it be anything other than a mess.  So I started 'planning' the 9" paper pieced squares.

I didn't purchase precut tissue paper  I have a giant tissue pad and cut my own squares.  (remembering my mantra; clean out, clean up, move on) 

At first blush this happened. 

Then I realized I had waaaaay more warms than cools. I loved the way that goldenrod just lit up the warmer colors.  So I put the cooler blocks aside & went for the warms. 

I sewed like mad and didn't look at the collection until I had sewed enough for four giant 'O''s and each block I until I had a giant stack.    Saturday morning, enjoying a cup of coffee,  I laid out for the first time what I had been sewing. 

Wow!  That gold is just amazing!  I learn more about color every time I make I something and every time I realize how little I know!! The top row and bottom row are in shadow so excuse the funky lighting. 

Here at the bottom are four blocks I planned to do as solids (my control freak took over for a second while grabbing colors).  Once all the other blocks were done I realized I'd need more of these to toss in and sort of mix it all up. 

Here is the final placement on my design wall with all the paper backing off and ready to strip together. 

I am more than pleased with how it turned out.  And yes, before I was actually done I did have to add some yardage cuts as I ran out of diversity towards the end, but lucky for me I found I had kept even more scraps with my color piles and the 6" by 2" piece of whatever that I couldn't bear to give up came in quite handy!  

What I love more than the speed this came together (about 10 hours sewing) is I know where I got each and every fabric and each time I see it it makes me smile remembering the shows, stores, friends, & fabrics we have all accumulated together.  


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