International Quilt Festival Houston

It's always exciting to have your work chosen for this venue given the size of it and the vast number of quilt submissions they must receive.  I am forever humbled as one wee fish in such a giant Ocean of glorious works from all over the world! 

Imagine then how awesome it was to click on those 'ruby slippers' (on the website for Quilts Inc, you can click on the shoes & be taken on a visual tour of the show) and under the Text on Textiles (go ahead; click! select 'special exhibits, then Text on Textiles)  page and see  see my Children of Lir quilt!  Can't you hear me 'squeeeeeeeeeeing'!!!

Then when I clicked the area for 'on the show floor' there it was again!!!

I'm soooo excited when I see this kind of coverage!  So often we send our quilts out to shows and the next time we see them is when they come back in the mail.  So I love, love, love to be able to see them hanging in different venues & even sometimes hear feedback! 

So, for now this wee fish is settling back to the bottom of the pond to get some work done, thanks for visiting!

pook, pook


  1. Wooooooot, that is awesome Stacy.

  2. I'm so glad your work was at the Houston show. I spaced finding out when the show was, but it wouldn't have made a difference as I was tied up with my daughters last weekend. Maybe next year?


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