We interrupt this bed quilt...

So as I was happily sewing along this weekend I came across this tiny scrap, about 2" big. 

Isn't it just darling? 

And I thought, 

 Hey, I have some fabric that is kinda stripey somewhere...

Oh!  here it is!
it was right next to this piece of fabric (how fortuitous!)

And I thought, HEY!  I could draw a 

And since I don't have any prayer flags for hand stitching 
(while I watch 'The Avengers' tonight) 

I wondered (for like half a second) what do cats pray for? 

Well duh! 

Then I was all...  HEY, I have some cute bug fabric!  

and then this happened...

The one on the left is like me, head in the clouds.  This kit will  be covered in screening as he is safely indoors but dreaming of being outside.
And outside there are wonders untold!

we all know that kitties dream of birds in the their mouths and in their tummies! 

Butterflies are good in a pinch,  but probably kinda dry I should think.  And NEVER Monarchs as those are poisonous.  (really!) 

And of course Alley Cat dreams of Cheeseburgers but sadly he only gets scraps of junk food.  But he is a proper Alley Cat in that he's been TNR'd (Trapped, Neutered, Released) as you can tell by his 'nipped' ear. 
the piece of candy that is his collar is a "moonlight madness mint"  good thing he's fixed!  No more unwanted kittens! 

This is all Trish's fault that I've been totally sidetracked off her quilt to get several of these ready for some evening downtime handwork.   She has only herself to blame... *wink*

I'll post pictures as they get completed. 
These are all about 8" x 10". 

I have a ton more fabrics that would be perfect for kitty dreams so this may be the start of something, 



Oh dear
good thing I have an etsy page.  


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