During the Work Week

I get irritated at myself for not getting more sewing done between the hours of 5:30 & 11:00pm.
What I tell myself to counter this negativism is that even if I do something small, it counts!
I simply cannot afford to leave all my quilt work for the weekends when I have two whole days uninterrupted (mostly) .  There is simply too much to do. I am grateful for this!  
During the week I tell the dishes in the sink to go to h - e - double chopsticks and
I put my hair up and go into my sewing room to do something small.
I was asked to be in a small art showing coming up and the works are due in December.  The size is
8 1/2"  x 11". 
I like working this small and I hate working this small.
Focus has always been my nemises.
The theme for one of these is 'Broken Pull Toy' and I fell in love with it immedately!
I haven't quilted this yet but it's because I needed the white paint to dry overnight.
This necklace was from my daughter, it's from the Invader ZIM (an alien) cartoon and this quote is from his dog GIR who loves earth's junk food. 
Can't wait to quilt it tonight. 
The other theme is simply 'Red' and I haven't a clue yet. 
Both pieces will be framed and for sale at the art show.
Can't wait to see the whole collecion together!
Happy Sewing!


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