Red Light!

The theme for the second piece of art I'm entering in the Whittier show is 'Red Light'
I have long wanted to make a cyborg/steampunk kitty and last night I had an ephiphany!
I went to my bike & took one of my blinky reflectors off and smashed the bejjesus outta it
(the reflector part, not the LED part)
And I had this old watch my mum gave me when I was... well, best not go there. 
I had taken the watch apart and was initially only going to put a red bead under the crystal but then
I thought, I want to make it light up! 
I could actually fit the battery part under the Top Hat (naturally) there could be  flower or somesuch that could simply be pressed.  There are actually three settings to the LED I have.  Blinky is very fun but I like the solid red 'On'. 
Next I needed to be able to occlude the LED parts.  So another AHA! moment (nad more smashing) and I had it.  I just put part of the yellow reflector cut to size inside the crystal.  Then needed to add the pupil.  Sharpie was too transparent so I just grabbed a larger round sequin (black with rainbow stars on it) cut down.  PERFECT! 
Without light on
*cue maniacal laughter* 
With light on

SO cool!
I'm so excited I can't wait to start putting this altogether tonight!
Here's my little cyborg so far.

The part where the gears are on the body will be a different material underneath.

Giddy Sewing!


  1. Very cool and innovative, I love steam punk!

  2. Wow, what a novel idea! I am working on my "Red Light" piece, too. It is completely different from yours. :-)

  3. Way Cool...just like you! Love to see you spreading your wings and flying into new territory!

  4. Stacy, this is so cool! I've been wanting to make steampunk kitty sculptures out of found objects (read: junk) I've been keeping for that purpose--way back in college that was my MO, then I discovered drawing. Your kitty is really inspiring!


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